Children's Ministry

The Children’s ministry is assigned the task of raising godly children under the leadership of Pastor Ayo Olulana, who has an undying desire to prepare a people who will usher in the return of Our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, having fully taken possessions of all that the Lord has paid for – sound health, good success, godly heritage, and eternal life. Our passion is to share God’s word in a way that kids will come to know, love, and serve him. Every child needs to hear God’s word, come to know him, develop a love and personal relationship with him, and learn to serve him. 

Teenagers Ministry





This program is designed to address the challenges that face Christian teenagers as well as preteens. We address the issues concerning living godly Christian lives in a midst of those who are influenced or controlled by drugs, alcohol, and sex. In today’s society, it appears that temptations and the allure of sinful pleasures have become rather everywhere as every commercial on TV is riddled with ungodly appeals and sometimes strong sexual innuendos to entice the unsuspecting audience.

Mens Ministry

The purpose of Gideon Army Ministry is to create in all men a deep understanding of how to fulfill their Divine assignments as Priests and Kings. Gideon Army is called to live a life of full dominion through the grace of God and by imitating the exemplary life of Lord Jesus Christ at home, work place, local community, and the world at large. We truly believe in corporate and individual prayers as a means to receive all that Our Father and God has provided for our benefits as well as all that are needed to take possession of our complete inheritance.

Womens Ministry

The “Upward Sisters’ Fellowship” of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Higher Ground Assembly comprises female born again Christians of marriageable age who are working together to improve their knowledge of the word with the ultimate goal of producing steadfast Christian women. The vision of the women’s ministry is to remain on higher ground through constant and devoted study of God’s Word until Jesus Christ comes. This is borne from 2Timothy 2:15 which states: “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”