Higher Ground Assembly Choir has the mandate to call down the Presence of God through Godly music, songs, melodies, hymns, and psalms. The distinguished Higher Ground Assembly Choir and relentless Music Band have continued to take the congregation into the Presence of the Lord via praise and worship. This is our sole responsibility. The dedication of the HGA Choir to high musical standards and consistent musical leadership in worship requires a certain level of commitment from all of its members.

This is the department that is responsible for fulfilling the command, “Go Ye.” It has people who are bent on de-populating the Kingdom of Hell. This department holds a monthly Evangelism Outing on every 3rd Saturday of the month. If you are driven by the very passion of God, please come join our department. Your labors will be heavily rewarded.

This is the men fellowship of the RCCG HGA. We believe God to pour upon His Church the Spirit of Prayer, Supplication and Thanksgiving so that every child, man or woman can all experience Heaven on Earth in every department of life here on earth. After all, did His Word boldly declare that He “rules in the affair [kingdom] of men?” Daniel 4:32. We focus our objectives on changing our world into heavenly designed habitation through prayer, bringing the nations to submission before Christ, strengthening our leaders as Aaron and Hur in battle front (RCCG worldwide), making prayer a passionate part of our lives,   encouraging all people to put their trust in God, who is more than able to do all things when we reach to Him through prayer, emphasizing the power of prayer as a driving force in building a godly home and society, and championing  the fire of revival through prayer in the Church.

The media ministry consists of three components: sound, audio and video production and they all work together to support the mission and ministries of HGA through the use of multimedia technology. These ministries work together to spread the word of God by providing sound and video during services, events, and capturing the sermon through the production of special presentations, CDs and DVDs.

The ushering team of the Redeemed Christian church of God (Higher Ground Assembly) is committed to maintaining an atmosphere of order and reverence in the church environment and to ensure that everyone entering the church feels welcome and comfortable in the presence of the lord. In addition, we want to treat each person with respect in the most friendly and godly manner during and after the church services and to keep distraction to the minimum.

Kingdom Police is HGA’s traffic department to ensure the safety of the members of the church and their properties. The department works effectively and diligently with God’s help to prevent loss of car or property while in the church premises. The able-men of the department also ensure safe and organized traffic to minimize around the church’s environment.

This department is solely responsible to teaching the Word during Sunday School Classes. We have a very vibrant group of men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving God’s people through the ministry of the Word. We are committed to creating in each heart an unquenchable desire for the Word of God.

This arm of the Church was created to make known the mystery of the Godhead to all people of the world through the printed medium. Its role in the global evangelization of the unsaved can only be fully realized at the entrance of the Son of Light. We are passionate about the return of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. If you share this same passion and you want to be a part of us, please feel free to do so.

The finance department works with the leadership of the church and the church appointed CPA to prepare an annual budget and financial statement to highlight the church expenditures and at the end of the fiscal year, an annual audit report is prepared by a certified auditor to make sure God’s money is properly accounted for.

This Protocol department functions in the church by serving as “batmen” to Pastors, Ministers and anointed Men and Women of the God. The department spiritually and strategically carry the responsibility of relieving Ministers of God of unnecessary burdens, or distractions, so as to enable them concentrate on more important spiritual matters. We try to maintain reverence and orderliness in the House of the Lord. We train for our physical responsibilities and pray on our spiritual responsibilities.

The transportation department has the major responsibility in the church to provide transportation for people to come to Church and worship the Eternal Deliverer of all men. Our desire to offer this service in such a manner that people will feel privilege to “ride” vehicles with us as we travel to and from God’s Presence. We can boast of people who are filled with the Spirit of Excellency and Integrity, who offer themselves freely and courteously.